This is NOT an oaky Chardonnay. Okay now that we have that out of the way...the three grapes in this 2014 wine were grown in the Carneros region of Sonoma, California and were all fermented on their native yeasts. The backbone of Sunday Funday is the stainless steel fermented Chardonnay. On top of that Chard base, we blended in 8% Sauvignon Blanc for the citrus, and 2% Viognier to make that nose POP! Sunday Funday is perfect for sunny backyard BBQ’s and beach days. We even made the back label a peel-off scavenger hunt with a Rebel Coast twist...perfect after your second bottle. Or fifth. Let's get weird.


Holy cow! Bragging is not flattering, but this is the gold standard for a New World stainless steel white wine.  It explodes with pear, pineapple, apricot and lime. The alcohol level never interferes with the aromas so you can keep your nose in it all day long.


This wine is the perfect balance between tropical fruit and acid. The fruit forward mouthfeel is velvety and thirst quenching. The acid gives it a medium body finish that lingers just long enough to give you hints of lime and green apple. 


Yep, a huge chunk of the back label peels off, and when you flip it over you'll find an unconventional to-do list for your Sunday Funday that Chuck Norris would approve of. We sat around and crammed as many past experiences in there as we could. Sorry Mom! 

Sunday Funday