Made from the finest Sonoma Cab of the Alexander Valley region, and blended with vivacious Paso Robles Syrah, we’ve hit another home run with your sister…I mean with your taste buds. Think of your first spin the bottle experience. Now, remember how the fireworks went off? Opening a bottle of this 2013 Sonoma Recksless Love wine is gonna bring that mgoment back (I love you Olivia!)… Let the feeling of soft, aromatic grapes sucker punch you, followed up by a finish Ron Burgundy would describe as ”being lulled to sleep by the laughter of puppies”. Yeah, we don’t even know what that means, but we do know that you’ll be asking for more when the bottle hits empty. So go ahead and make sure you grab that second bottle for backup. You’ll be glad you did.


So smooth! A velvety front palate that seamlessly transitions into the soft tannins that only a true California Cabernget can possess. This medium bodied wine is like walking down the aisle of a farmer's market and eating a dark cherry, a ripe raspberry and an over-ripe cranberry all at the same time. The finish lingers jussst long enough for you to reflect on it, then encourasges you to take another sip.


We share a new story on the back of every vintage to reflect what is going on in our lives. We used the strongest American-made glass we could find, then printed directly onto the bottle with glow-in-the-dark ink. Why? Because how else can you find a bottle when the lights are off? And no one had ever done that before.


So Chip thinks he’s funny...and as a prank he drew a very "professional" sketch of Kate and Doug on every Reckless Love cork...and put their names and cell phone numbers on there too...and he didn't tell them until after the wine was bottled...give them a call!

Reckless love